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Managing the affiliate marketing channel can be a challenge, especially when your business is led by internationally-renowned dog behaviorist Cesar Millan. With a growing product line, new initiatives and much more...

Dave Rogers, Vice President/Pack Leader Digital Cesar Millan Inc.

Affiliate Testimonials

The Snow Consulting team is always available to help affiliates like myself perform better, by doing such things as providing PPC keyword lists, or personalized reports of top sellers and current coupons and promotions. All affiliates, whether new or established, should reach out to Snow Consulting to see how they can help improve their affiliate marketing efforts.

Eric Nagel,

Case Studies

Paul’s TV has been one of our quickest rising stars in the Snow Consulting portfolio. Launching in February 2011, we didn’t know what to expect. Despite having a brick and mortar presence, they were a brand new player in the affiliate marketing space. Not to mention, the Electronics niche is an extremely competitive space. Develop a strong commission rate to attract and retain top level affiliates, build out banners to showcase the UVP of Paul’s TV, and convey strong messaging to publishers on a regular basis to keep them as up-to-date on the regular manufacturer based promotions as possible.


10 Attributes of a Successful Affiliate Manager

Top 10 Attributes of a Successful Affiliate Manager Want to know the top 10 characteristics or skills you need to look for when hiring your next (or first) Affiliate Manager? Before I proceed you need to know affiliate management is about “relationships, relationships, relationships”.  An effective affiliate manager needs to build strong positive relationships in order to recruit and retain the affiliates that are going to help make a difference in your affiliate program.  It’s so important that actually the first 5 points in the list are relationship based. Friendly Disposition – In order to really establish a strong relationship with not only fellow team members but affiliates as well, the individual needs to be someone that has a friendly disposition and easy to talk to. Polished written and oral skills – In building a strong relationship with any affiliate, or anybody for that matter, the individual must be able to both listen effectively and respond intellectually. Able to work within a team environment effectively – The individual has to be a team player and be able to thrive within your corporate environment. Punctual response time – Super important. Not responding quickly is telling that affiliate that their time and effort is not important to them and you will lose them. Retail or ecommerce experience – The manager needs to be able to read a situation, decide what the issue (or opportunity is) and then develop ideas to move forward. Work ethic and organizational skills – Strong work ethic and ability to manage one’s projects wisely is essential when dealing with a vast portfolio of differing affiliates, multiple company...

These Are Not Just Great Shoes! Custom Options Available At FSJ Shoes!

New Client Announcement: FSJ Shoes in ShareASale I just love shoes and shoe shopping, especially all the really cool heels and high fashion shoes. Which is why I am so excited to tell you about our new client FSJ Shoes. FSJ  has been in the shoe industry since 1998, crafting quality women’s shoes. They even offer customization services: you can change the heel size or the materials used to have a “one of a kind” shoe. This is perfect for weddings when the bridal party has to match! FSJ offers quality women’s shoes at reasonable prices so you can earn a healthy commission on all sales. Sites that will be a great fit with FSJ Shoes are : Fashion, Wedding, and special event. Grab more information here regarding the FSJ Shoesaffiliate program. JOIN NOW AT SHAREASALE If you have already joined the ShareASale network, simply log in and add FSJ Shoes to your existing account. If you are not in the ShareaSale network, you can sign up through the FSJ Shoes application. Ginette Degner Get Social AIM: AffiliateWerks GTalk: Ginette.Degner Skype: Ginette.Degner Save Save Save...

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