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Snow Consulting has been influential in updating, growing and managing our affiliate program since we partnered with them March of 2007. Roger has led the way by enticing affiliates with new revenue opportunities, and always looking at finding new avenues to increase our revenue. He is very helpful if you have any questions, and he reports to us almost on a daily basis!....

Michael Gerace,

Affiliate Testimonials

The Snow Consulting team is always available to help affiliates like myself perform better, by doing such things as providing PPC keyword lists, or personalized reports of top sellers and current coupons and promotions. All affiliates, whether new or established, should reach out to Snow Consulting to see how they can help improve their affiliate marketing efforts.

Eric Nagel,

Case Studies

Paul’s TV has been one of our quickest rising stars in the Snow Consulting portfolio. Launching in February 2011, we didn’t know what to expect. Despite having a brick and mortar presence, they were a brand new player in the affiliate marketing space. Not to mention, the Electronics niche is an extremely competitive space. Develop a strong commission rate to attract and retain top level affiliates, build out banners to showcase the UVP of Paul’s TV, and convey strong messaging to publishers on a regular basis to keep them as up-to-date on the regular manufacturer based promotions as possible.


Join the ReviveDepot Program in ShareASale

Snow Consulting is proud to announce that Revive Depot has joined the ShareASale Affiliate Network.  Jed Duffield will be managing the program.  Feel free to reach out to him with any questions you may have. Revive Depot is a new and unique take on second-hand clothing that brings high quality apparel at amazing prices to customers nationally. Revive Depot has three unique ways to shop, whether you’re looking for a single item, picking from a fashion experts prepared ensembles, or selecting a monthly shipment to arrive at your door with a variety of pieces. With clothing for the whole family, keeping each one clothed with tasteful, gently used apparel has never been so easy. With household name brand products, your audience and readers will find exactly what they are looking at great prices. Revive Depot offers many items at introductory prices and is proud to work with affiliates in both the garment and fashion industries. If you have a great idea on ways to work with Revive Depot please feel free to reach out to our affiliate manager, Jed Duffield and start working with the Revive Depot Affiliate Program today. Why Partner with 30 Day Cookie Life 7% Starting Commission on ALL orders Monthly Coupons and Promotions Striking Banners and High-Converting Text Links Newsletters and Communication Join at ShareASale: If you have already joined the ShareASale network, simply log in and add Revive Depot to your existing account. If you are not in the ShareASale network, you can sign up through the Revive Depot Application. Jed Duffield will be managing the programs, so please feel free to reach out to her...

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