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Roger is the true expert in affiliates marketing, and he helps us find the right place to start and grow. His team analyzed our vertical market and suggested the best strategy for our affiliates campaign. The full affiliates management service saves us a lot of time to deal with the complex affiliates issue, so we can put the focus on our business operation....

Andrew Young,

Affiliate Testimonials

The Snow Consulting team is always available to help affiliates like myself perform better, by doing such things as providing PPC keyword lists, or personalized reports of top sellers and current coupons and promotions. All affiliates, whether new or established, should reach out to Snow Consulting to see how they can help improve their affiliate marketing efforts.

Eric Nagel,

Case Studies

Paul’s TV has been one of our quickest rising stars in the Snow Consulting portfolio. Launching in February 2011, we didn’t know what to expect. Despite having a brick and mortar presence, they were a brand new player in the affiliate marketing space. Not to mention, the Electronics niche is an extremely competitive space. Develop a strong commission rate to attract and retain top level affiliates, build out banners to showcase the UVP of Paul’s TV, and convey strong messaging to publishers on a regular basis to keep them as up-to-date on the regular manufacturer based promotions as possible.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! Are you ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? All the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have been loaded to the networks. The PDF below has postable dates, start and end dates and network link numbers. Please do NOT post the deals ahead of schedule. It creates a bad user experience for our visitors and could result in lost commissions. The most up-to-the-minute deals and coupons can always be found on our Coupon page. Download the latest version at your convenience. Deals are always loaded to the network before landing on the sheet. Deal link (PDF) Share...

Online Shoppers Spend More But They Want Free Shipping!

Consumers want more, but they also spend more! Thanks to the biggest players on the retail scene, consumers have been trained to expect more and to receive it instantly. That will only continue as technology provides better ways to manage shipping, returns, and mind control. But… those same consumers spend a great deal more* than those who only shop in physical stores. The ease of comparison, the almost too-easy payment choices, and offers that increase the AOV all play in. Here’s how you can provide site content that increases the consumer spend: Shoppers want as much information as possible before “adding to cart”. Provide the best description and you can win their confidence. It’s becoming more and more common to touch and feel big purchases in store and then shop for the best deal online. Don’t be the site that gets the measurements wrong or forgets to provide a shipping offer. Be the source of information to increase confidence. Customers want good service, accurate information, free or low-cost shipping, and convenient returns. Do all you can to point out these features. The Deloitte 2015 Survey also indicated that nearly half of the respondents planned to use Free Shipping or Ship to Store in order to save on costs. Include all shipping options and deadlines in your content to gain consumer trust.   * Three-fourths plan to either spend the same or more than last year—the highest level since 2000, with 19 percent planning to spend more (figure 2). Of those who indicated they plan to spend more, the primary reasons are that household finances are improving (41 percent) and...

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