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I started Snow Consulting in early 1999. Internet marketing, and more specifically, affiliate marketing were in the infant stages and I had a vision of helping companies carry their offline success over to the online stage. Online marketing was new and difficult to maneuver for everyone, as it was a completely different landscape than traditional offline marketing.

Through hard work, dedication, education and networking throughout the years, our team of experienced veterans has allowed Snow Consulting to flourish into one of the most respected names in our industry. Our mission as a professional consulting agency is to know the latest trends and industry news, so that your company has cutting edge affiliate program management services.

Each year, we launch successful new programs and transform stale and stagnant affiliate programs into highly profitable revenue streams. We take our client’s business success and add our imagination and expertise. We want your affiliate program to be the next success story.

We have clients that have been on board with us for several years. It truly is a staggering achievement in the business of Consulting. It is our goal for every company that partners with us to stay on board long term. Consistency with affiliate management shows affiliate marketers (website owners) that you take your affiliate program seriously and they will be more open to actively working with us.

Our accomplishments over the years include long-term client partnerships, speaking invitations for industry conferences, creating and sustaining friendships and partnerships with people from all sides of the industry. We have worked with companies from start-ups to Fortune 500, have often received the ultimate compliment of references, referrals and testimonials from current and past clients, affiliates, industry colleagues and even our own competition.

Browse our site at your own convenience and let us know if we can answer any questions or provide you with additional information. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully begin that long-term partnership.

Roger Snow – Founder & President

Snow Consulting, Inc.

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Affiliate Nexus Tax Information

Here's a link directly to the most recent PMA information about the State Legislation activity and Federal Sale Tax Legislation: PMA.org Supports Federal Sales Tax Reform Here's our information post for California Affiliates: CA Affiliates: Affidavits & Instructions

FTC .com Disclosure Guidelines

The .com Disclosure document was updated March 2013. Here are the guidelines in PDF format: FTC .com Disclosures