Introducing K-DEER

Announcing The K-DEER Affiliate Program in ShareASale!

Snow Consulting is so proud to announce that we are now managing the Affiliate program for  K-DEER in SAS!

Founded by Kristine Deer, this incredible line of Yoga clothing is known for its amazing fit for EVERY body shape, their strict environmental standards as a company, and their amazing community attitude with involvement with more than 20 charities. They truly are Active Wear that Gives Back!

But What makes K-DEER a great fit for your Affiliate program?  Well, it’s the same things that make it a great company.  K-Deer was created with the idea of comfort, confidence, and sexiness for EVERY woman in the Yoga Studio.  Today, K-DEER’s reach is so much farther!  K-DEER supports a diverse, body positive community offering an inclusive size range from XS-4XL. They believe that not every athlete has an athletic body – but everybody should feel comfortable in their clothes!  K-DEER’s Leggings are designed to stay put, and not fall down.  They compress, smooth and elongate.  They stay cool and dry, they are meant for all day wear and won’t lose their shape.

While the reputation of this products quality could stand alone, K-DEER is also well known for their charitable contributions.  With more than 20 charities benefiting from the sale of each of their trademark “Stripes” Yoga Leggings.

Offering competitive commission, first sale, and multiple sale incentives,  and a product your readers love – K-DEER is not a product your subscribers will want to get to know – they already do! 

*October Bonus Alert*

For active affiliates with no prior sales:
$5 bonus after your first sale
$10 bonus after 5 sales from October 3rd through October 31st

For active affiliates with prior sales:
Generate $1,000 in sales within the month of October and receive a 2% commission increase on all valid October sales

*Note: The bonus will be applied based on activity after voids are processed. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions about these bonuses

Now is a your opportunity to partner with Snow Consulting and K-DEER! Click here for all the exciting details or to join this program.

Discovering Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Do you have a website, blog, or social media outlet?  Chances are, if you do, you have heard someone talk about affiliate marketing (also known as Performance Marketing) as a way to make money.  But, what is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

If you are new to the affiliate marketing World, it can seem dark and mysterious.  And if you have heard of affiliate marketing, you may have heard some of the horror stories of the early spammer days.  Affiliate marketing is much, much more.  Let’s try to shed some light on that was once dark and mysterious.

What is an Affiliate?

Affiliates are the ones that work to introduce their visitors to the merchant’s brand. They can do this by writing a post about a new product or promotion for that merchant.  They can also feature banner ads or offer special coupon codes that might drive their readers to make a purchase from that merchant.  If a purchase takes place through that affiliate link, the affiliate earns commission for that sale.

How does affiliate marketing work?

The basics of affiliate marketing really revolves around an affiliate performing some sort of action and then receiving monetary rewards for that action.  Most affiliate programs work on a revenue share basis.  This simply means, the affiliate drives a consumer to make a purchase and the affiliate receives a portion of the sale as commission.

The merchant generally tracks these sales thru an affiliate link.  The affiliate link can be found within the affiliate’s own account within the network (ie, Shareasale, CJ Affiliate, Pepperjam, Rakuten Affiliate Network, formerly LinkShare, and others).  The affiliate will place their unique affiliate link within their blog post or any other personal method of promotion.  (website, blog, social media outlet).

Have you become an affiliate and need help finding your affiliate links?  Check out these tutorials.

Getting Links
at ShareASale

Deep Linking
at CJ Affiliate

Creating Product Links
at Pepperjam Network

Fall 2017 Fashion Guide

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends


Fall is a time for change.  The cool winds start to blow and the colors of the leaves begin to change.  This calls for changes in our wardrobe.  So, what do the latest fashion styles dictate for Fall 2017?

According to Elle online, three of the hottest fashion trends will be Plaid, Buttons, and the color Red.  It has been quite a few years since the color Red has made its way into the fashion trends.  So, what an exciting year this will be!

We have many fashion merchants that you can choose from here at Snow Consulting.  So, we wanted to show you some of what you could find that would be on trend from these brands.



Elle Fashion Trends 2017 Fall

Photo Credit: Elle Fashion Trends Fall 2017


FewModa:   Some plaids can be overwhelming but this sweater offers a minimal print, that is just enough to keep it in today’s fashion wants! This stylish winter white plaid would be a perfect transitional piece going thru Fall and into Winter 2017.

Get more information about the FewModa affiliate program.






SheIn: This colorful plaid long-sleeved dress is both classic and trendy.  This particular dress can go from office to office party.

Get more information about the SheIn Affiliate Program.

 This beautiful long-sleeved blouse combines a few of the latest fashion trends; Plaid, Buttons, and Ruffles.  The blouse is also figure flattering and perfectly feminine.

Get more information about the Affiliate Program.






Elle Fashion Trends Fall 2017

Photo Credit: Elle Fashion Trends Fall 2017




FewModa: So nice to see this color make a come back!  This Classic Red Dress has been updated with an asymmetrical hem line.  This is a perfect way to bring a classic into the latest trend.

Get more information about the FewModa affiliate program.









ROMWE:  The figure flattering swing dress in red would be a perfect addition to any Fall 2017 wardrobe.

Get more information about the ROMWE affiliate program.






SheIn: This beautiful red sweater offers the flirty elegance of flared ruffle sleeves.

Get more information about the SheIn affiliate program.








TheClosetLaboratory: This beautiful off-the-shoulder blouse combines some of the hottest trends.  Not only is it red, but it also sports a high-low hem line and cascading ruffled sleeves.  This is one wardrobe addition that is sure to please.

Get more information about TheClosetLaboratory affiliate program.

 This ruby red sleeveless top would be perfect on its own, or worn as a dressy shell under a blazer.  This top can make the transition from work to evening easy.

Get more information about the Affiliate Program.







Elle Fashion Trends Fall 2017

Photo Credit: Elle Fashion Trends Fall 2017




FewModa:   Simple clean lines keep this classic trench coat in high demand.  With the button detail and belt to hug the waist, this coat is ready for Fall of 2017.

Get more information about the FewModa affiliate program.







ROMWE:  This short trench coat brings a feminine silhouette with draw strings at the waist.  The buttons set this trench coat apart from the rest bringing it in line with 2017 Fall Trends.

Get more information about the ROMWE affiliate program.





SheIn: This beautiful and sleek sleeveless sheath dress can be an instant wardrobe changer.  You can pair it with a light jacket, a 3/4 sleeve sweater, or even dress it up with a fancy bolero jacket.

Get more information about the SheIn affiliate program.
 This classic cable knit sweater features a fur lined hoodie.  The buttons are prominent and classy.  Keeping this as a wardrobe staple that is also trendy enough for Fall 2017.

Get more information about the Affiliate Program.


If you have any questions about any of our fashion merchants or any of the items listed in the Fall 2017 Fashion Guide, please reach out to any of us on the Fashion Team.

We wish you all the best with promoting Fall 2017 fashions.

Lessie Purpera, Tanya Smith, and Teena Duliba
Affiliate Marketing Managers
Fashion Team


Announcing The Closet Laboratory Affiliate Program at ShareASale!

Announcing The Closet Laboratory Affiliate Program at ShareASale!

We are so pleased to announce that Snow-Consulting is now managing The Closet Laboratory Affiliate program in SAS.

The Closet Laboratory’s stylists love to experiment!  They are constantly researching so they can offer the latest fashion trend pieces at affordable pricing. With a focus on Sweet, Elegant Fashions, visitors to will find the perfect choice of outfit for daytime or evening.  The Closet Laboratory offers next to exclusive looks, as they bring in a small amount of each style – making it as close to exclusive as you can get. Finish off the ultimate look with The Closet Laboratory’s line of beauty products and accessories that mix perfectly to create an ensemble for any occasion.

At The Closet Laboratory customer satisfaction is top priority, and they are always ready to listen to what they have to say! The end result of their experiments should be a great shopping experience while finding a fabulous look.

There has never been a better time to add The Closet Laboratory to your site.  If you would like more details about the affiliate program, head over here.

Teena and I will be managing the The Closet Laboratory affiliate program and we are here to help you succeed.  Please reach out to us with any questions you may have.  You can email us at:



Announcing the Whurk Affiliate Program at ShareASale!

Announcing the Whurk Affiliate Program at ShareASale!

We are so pleased to announce that Snow-Consulting is now managing the Whurk affiliate program in SAS. Boutique offers a wide range of apparel to fit any woman’s unique sense of style. A woman’s closet is her chance to emerge and make an enduring impression, at Boutique our Stylists go beyond helping you look your best. Boutique apparel and accessories are precisely curated to give our clients the most recent styles.

To keep our customers in style we post fresh introductions every day / week, and in addition offer stylist picks to help any ambivalent customers. Boutique may be a newer site but their top priorities are excellent customer service, exceptionally fast order processing and Shipping.












The affiliate program is available at ShareASale. Here are the program details. Be sure to join today!

Tanya & Teena will be managing the affiliate program so don’t hesitate to reach out, we am here to help you succeed.
Email both Tanya & Teena:

Fashion is Always in Fashion at Snow Consulting

Is fashion your passion? Whether you run a fashion blog or you just love to promote it, Snow Consulting has some great fashion merchants that you may be interested in promoting!

Get more information and join our programs:

Fashion can pass as a hobby for some people, while for others it can be a very lucrative business. Here at Snow Consulting, we are fortunate enough to be working with a wide range of Fashion related sites, offering a world of choice and opportunity – bringing Fashion and Affiliate together!

Dress the wee ones up with great looks at Wilshire + Cooper, or outfit them for the season at Find Costume. LADIES, step out in todays hottest and latest looks from Few Moda, Make Me Chic, Romwe, SheIn, The Closet Laboratory, and Whurk Boutique. Spoil him or her with something from Discount Watch Store, Frost NY, Glasses Shop, or Soufeel. GENTLEMEN will look great in Sebatian Grey and

The Fashion Industry is one of the fastest paced businesses today. Changing on a daily, seasonally, and trend-setting basis, it can be hard to keep up. That’s where we come in!  We keep you updated on the latest trends and fashion merchants.

We look forward to working with all fashionistas.


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