5 Key Features of A Great Product Review

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According to Ipsos OTX, 69% of purchasers are influenced by online product reviews (see graphic).  That’s a huge market segment that you can influence my incorporating reviews of products onto your website.  In the age of buying products sight unseen via the Internet, product reviews are more important than ever.  Many merchant websites incorporate their own user product reviews, but this is a small fraction of the overall merchant sites selling products across the internet.  Here are my five top tips for writing a thorough, influential product review.

Use the Product

You might think that this is so obvious, it doesn’t need to be said.  However I’ve definitely read some reviews of products from writers who clearly didn’t use the product.  Either their experience was wildly different than mine, or the review focused on a superficial use of the product.  When reviewing a product, use it for awhile, not just an afternoon.  You want to know how well it stands the test of time, if it degrades or breaks easily, if it exceeds quality expectations, and if it’s worth the cost.  Don’t write a review merely to sell a product unless you truly believe in the product.

Take Pictures or – better yet – Videos

Ever followed a recipe to the letter and your version doesn’t come out at all like the pretty, professionally styled photograph in the cookbook?  Real product pictures are a great feature of product reviews.  Consumers can compare your photos to the glossy, professional photos on the merchant site to get a more realistic sense of what the product will be like when it arrives on their doorstep.  Videos are even better, because they can see the product in action.  Use your best judgement to assess whether a picture will suffice or a video is better – some products, like candle holders from Luna Bazzar, may only need a photograph to show your reader what the physical item looks like.  Other products, like clothing from, may require a video to show your users how the fabric lays on the body, how a skirt looks with a top in the daylight, etc.

Value Assessment

Simply put: is the product or service worth it’s cost?  With a very price-conscious consumer base, it’s important to give your honest opinion regarding the price of a product.  It adds to the influence of a review to let your reader know whether or not you felt it was money well spent.  I’ve read many product reviews that didn’t mention the price, and it always leaves me wondering if I should look for a similar item that’s less expensive and would work just as well.  Feel free to compare your experience with an item to your experience with a lower priced, similar item to answer this question.  It will help your readers to make the decision on what they would rather spend their hard-earned money on.

Website Analysis

This is an easy feature to include in your product review for any items you purchase, but what if a merchant provides an item to you to review for free?  Always walk through the ordering process of a merchant’s website so you can highlight any pain points in your review.  Readers will appreciate a heads-up if a site requires a login before ordering, or if there’s a part of the process that is more difficult than it should be, in your opinion.  Think about other usability aspects of the merchant’s website too, like the shipping policy, handling fees, or how easy is it to contact Customer Service?  Your readers will take information like this into consideration, especially if it’s a merchant they’re not already familiar with.  They want to know that the website is definitely secure and legit before putting in their credit card information.  I’m sure the merchant will also want to hear your feedback!

Be Honest

You may feel pressured to write a positive review if a product is provided to you for free, but above all be honest with your opinions.  Many disclosures (which are absolutely required when a product is given to you) mention that the opinions are 100% your own.  If the product or service had a short coming, include it.  Tell your reader how you really feel about the product.  The more honest information about a product or service is available, the better.  According to an article in the Wall Street Journal in January 2009, 92% of consumers have more confidence in information they found online than they do in information from the merchant or a sales clerk.  Those 92% are relying on information like yours to weigh their options and help them to make a decision based on honest opinions, not glossy sales figures.

Remember that the 69% of consumers who are influenced by product reviews are counting on YOU to help them answer a simple, all encompassing question: should I buy this? Not only will including as much information as possible in your review earn you a new follower, but it will increase your affiliate conversion if you include links to the product.  If the buyer needs to find missing information on another site, your chances of the review converting to a sale go down dramatically.  Not only are product reviews good consumer karma, but also a great tool to improve content on your site and conversions for your business.


Regular Season Hockey Pool Prizes Awarded!

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Regular season play has ended and we have our Top 3 Winners!

Regular season play has ended and we have our Top 3 Winners!

Our Top 3 Teams For Regular Season Play

  • 1st Place: $200 Store Credit at – awarded to Team “Benn There Doan That”, Brad Crooks
  • 2nd Place: $50 Visa Gift Card from Snow Consulting – awarded to Team “City of Champions”, Daryn Duliba
  • 3rd Place: $50 Store Credit at – awarded to Team “Les Nordiques”, Andre Colantuono

Here’s a great big Congratulations to our winners! And Thank You to everyone who participated and to our generous merchant sponsors who provided prizes all during the regular Hockey season! We appreciate every one of you!

Playoff action begins tomorrow – are you signed up? Here are the details – don’t wait!

Here’s a recap of the merchants who sponsored the fun during this year’s Snow Consulting Regular Season Hockey Pool. If you haven’t joined their affiliate program yet or discovered their products, now’s a great time to thank them!

onlinesports Grand Prize: $200 store credit
snow consulting Snow Consulting: 2nd Place Prize: $50 Visa Gift Card
cesarsway $50 store credits $50 store credits
sleepyheads $50 store credit
ties $50 store credit
zooshoo $50 store credits


New Merchant Announcement: YesFor Affiliate Program!

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250x250YesFor Affiliate Program is now live in ShareaSale! is an online clothing retailer, carrying the latest fashions in dresses, blouses, pants, skirts, handbags, lingerie, and other fashion accessories. They have the lowest prices online – up to 70% lower than anywhere else!

Customers enjoy the lowest prices and free worldwide shipping on the latest styles. Here are the program details for affiliates:

  • Earn 7.5% starting commission on each purchase – up to 10.5% based on sales!
  • 60-day cookie duration – get the credit you deserve
  • Datafeed coming soon via SAS, Datafeedr, and PopShops
  • Deals available via the SAS Deals & Coupons Database, For Me To Coupon, and iCodes US
  • ShareASale Exclusive Merchant
  • Extensive keyword list available for PPC campaigns
  • Monthly newsletter – stay informed of all the latest promotions

pink scarfTrisha Fawver is managing the program. Reach out to her with any questions you have. We’re here to help you succeed!


  • If you have already joined the ShareASale network, simply log in and add YesFor to your existing account.
  • If you are not in the ShareASale network, you can sign up through the YesFor application.


Playoff Teams Are Set – Sign Up Now For Free Hockey Pool!

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Playoff Action Begins Wednesday!

Playoff Action Begins Wednesday!

FREE to enter, EASY box-style picks, PRIZES!

The annual Snow Consulting Hockey Playoffs Pool is ready! Edited 4-15-2014 to add/edit prize.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join! Sign up now and you could win a prize from one of our sponsoring merchants! EASY to play: the hockey pool is set up as an easy box-style pick; your biggest task is coming up with a fun name for your team!


And here’s how the prizes are shaping up! $50 store credit $50 store credit $50 store credit $50 store credit $100 Store Credit as a Grand Prize

*No password needed to sign up – we’ll get you the password and ID you need to keep up with your standings when playoffs begin!


Only 2 Weeks Left For Affiliate Bonus Blog Post For LunaBazaar!

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At the end of March, we posted this Affiliate Bonus Opportunity for Luna Bazaar:

LunaBazaar Bonus Offer: Write A Blog Post, Get A Bonus! Bloggers: Write 200+ words about LunaBazaar or some of their exciting new products and get a bonus! And there’s a second bonus for driving sales!

Affiliate Bonus Opportunity with LunaBazaar.

You still have time to write a post and get your bonus; the opportunity is available all through the month of April. Not sure what to write about? We’ve inserted screen shots from LunaBazaar so you can see the wide variety of event decor and party favors they offer.

LunaBazaar offers thousands of event decor items you can build a post around!

Don’t forget the 2nd component of the offer: Drive $200+ in sales and get a 2nd bonus! And the best part? As an affiliate, your blog post is going to drive commissioned sales far into the future because of your time and effort today.

Take the time to be inspired; it’s fun to browse! Write your post and follow the instructions for notifying Trisha. It is prime season for bridal showers, baby showers, graduation parties, etc. Take advantage today!

Don't miss the cash bonus opportunity


Join The Hockey Playoffs Pool!

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There Are Prizes! Snow-Consulting Annual Hockey Playoffs Pool!

Go Ahead and sign up now – make your picks. Changes can be made until Game Time April 16th!

It’s so easy to sign up – go to the Invitation link below, have a fun team name in mind, and fill in the info so we can find you if you win. Then pick one player in each box!


There are 23 of these boxes - make 1 pick in each! That's it!

There are 23 of these boxes – make 1 pick in each! That’s it!

It’s a simple box style where you pick one in each box. Easy! We all have our favorite methods for picking. Somebody we know just picks the most French-sounding name. Yes. That’s how they pick.

As usual, our generous merchant sponsors are stepping up with some great prizes. We have a stack of $50 shopping codes already and will get all the details put together before the first game.

TODAY you just need to follow the INVITATION LINK* and get signed up. We’ll remind you to make last minute team changes before the first game. Good luck!

*No password needed to sign up – we’ll get you the password and ID you need to keep up with your standings when playoffs begin!


HyperWear SandBells® On Today Show!

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HyperWear affiliates can offer this special Today Show feature deal

The HyperWear SandBells® were featured today in the 3rd hour of the Today Show #HotNHealth segment. Joy Bauer offered tastes of various veggie enhanced food products and then got Christian Slater and Tamron Hall to play a quick game of catch with the SandBells™.

It was a fun, light-hearted segment that gave HyperWear SandBells® some great exposure. Christian didn’t want to part with his two he picked up; he was practicing the “squeeze” that strengthens your grip. Joy retrieved one for Tamron so they could play High-Low Toss.

Joy to Christian: “You toss high”
Joy to Tamron: “You toss low”
Tamron to Christian: “Don’t you hit my face!”
Christian to Tamron: “Don’t you hit my”

Even though the segment was just a few minutes long, it was great branding for HyperWear SandBells® and now HyperWear has a special coupon deal for affiliates:

Buy a Sandbell® and get 25% off any Sandbell® DVD. Use code: TODAY Offer good: 4/3-4/9 SAS Link ID: 194400


What’s Your All-Time Favorite April Fools?

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It’s April Fools Day!

laughing faceWe asked everyone on the team for their favorite April Fool’s prank for this post.

- Roger – Messy Joke Alert: Friend of mine in college was given toilet paper when the roll was empty. It was not real paper and disintegrated upon wiping!

- Randy - My one daughter decided when she was like 10 that she would do the ol’ “put the saran wrap on the toilet” trick. Luckily I saw it ahead of time but I told her I didn’t and that it made a huge mess! She was so proud of herself that she had snuck one past me!

- Ginette - My Best April Fools was on the Doctors and My Husband. I had three ultrasounds and all said it was a boy, but I just knew it was a girl. So I made a deal with my Husband, if it was a boy he could choose the name and I could choose the name if it was a girl. April Fool’s Day ( Also Good Friday) 20 years ago our daughter was born, best April Fool’s ever!

the-office-jell-o_l- Trisha - As a long-time The Office fan, I have to go with the classic of putting your co-worker’s desk supplies in jello!

- Judi - I found 12 Simple April Fools’ Day Pranks at Mashable and 27 Pranks You Need To Really Own On April Fool’s Day at Buzzfeed. I can’t seem to choose a favorite, but #6 at Buzzfeed is reminiscent of the Onion Apples showing up as #10 at Mashable. We asked Todd Farmer if we could mention his epic prank with onion apples. I don’t know if he can get his kids to eat anything on April Fool’s Day or not. I’m guessing “Not”. Enjoy:

- Anita - is busy working. Quoted from her Facebook page: “Oh boy, it’s going to be a day full of lame April Fool’s jokes and posts. From Robert Reich and Kickstarter no less. Can’t wait for the day to be over.”

- Tanya - I am not a prankster, I prefer jokes…! Two fish swim into a concrete wall.
One turns to the other and says “dam”.


LunaBazaar Bonus Offer: Write A Blog Post, Get A Bonus!

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Bloggers: Write 200+ words about LunaBazaar or some of their exciting new products and get a bonus! And there’s a second bonus for driving sales!

We’re excited to announce a fantastic sales bonus for LunaBazaar affiliates! You’d be crazy NOT to participate in this EASY bonus during the month of April – all you have to do is write!

That’s right, every blogger who writes a 200+ word** article about Luna Bazaar during the month of April will receive a $5 bonus just for publishing an article on your site. Even better? Drive $200 in net sales between April 1st and April 30th and we’ll dish out another $25 bonus!

Driving $200 in sales could be a piece of cake! (Probably wedding cake!)

The Month-to-date Average Order Value for March is $81. And we are just now headed into peak wedding-buying season. It’s time to decorate for receptions, bridal showers, Sip-and-See-teas, even graduation, Mother’s Day and holiday spreads! With all the ways LunaBazaar brings the good life to your home decor, it’s pretty easy to show the advantages of stocking up!

Colored-paper-strawsJust in case you haven’t heard, LunaBazaar color-matches across product lines. So when you discover all the paper lanterns, fans, parasols, bottles, vases, napkin rings, paper straws, mason jars, candle holders, pom poms, place cards and favor bags, you can forget worrying about matching colors and just create the tableau of your dreams!

twine-bundle-lilacThey just added baker’s twine which is hot with crafters, and they’ve added those trendy paper straws in all the cool colors, too. Name cards/place cards and place card holders are a really popular item for showers and receptions. You’ll find lots of variety, which makes for great conversation starters at the event.

Important! In order to be eligible for the $5 bonus you must email Trisha the link to your blog post with “April Blogger Bonus” in the subject line and include your SAS or CJ ID. It must be posted between April 1st and April 30th and contain 200+ words. The subject must be primarily Luna Bazaar related or wedding related featuring only links to Luna Bazaar. The $25 bonus for driving sales is open to all current publishers.

**As a quick reference, 200 words looks like this. (I love this tool. Thanks, Trisha!)
Remember: Once you’ve published the article, please email the URL to Trisha with “April Blogger Bonus” in the subject line and include your network ID (CJ or SAS). Please let her know if you have any questions at all – happy writing!


TheHairStyler Affiliate Program Adds EBay Enterprise Network

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Now you can join Affiliate Program at ShareASale OR EBay Enterprise Affiliate Network! is the perfect program to promote during Prom, Graduation, Wedding and Bridal Shower season! You earn aggressive commissions while offering your visitors a chance to try on thousands of different looks!

Try on thousands of different looks at

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You’ll find hundreds of styles, colors, cuts and even makeup to try on! And you can upload different photos and coordinate the whole bridal party!

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Program Details here and sign up links below:

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