Case Studies

Case Study


Paul’s TV has been one of our quickest rising stars in the Snow Consulting portfolio. Launching in February 2011, we didn’t know what to expect. Despite having a brick and mortar presence, they were a brand new player in the affiliate marketing space. Not to mention, the Electronics niche is an extremely competitive space. With all that in mind, we researched exactly what the competition was
doing and devised a plan that could work successfully within their budget.

    • Develop a strong commission rate to attract and retain top level affiliates
    • Build out banners to showcase the UVP of Paul’s TV
    • Convey strong messaging to publishers on a regular basis to keep them as up-to-date on the regular manufacturer based promotions as possible

To say that the launch was a success was a serious understatement. The Paul’s TV program hit numbers that 99.5% of merchants would think of as impossible. In our combined experience, we have never seen a program generate the levels of unit sales and revenue in the first month like the Paul’s TV affiliate program in ShareASale experienced. Building on that success, we launched an affiliate program in Commission Junction in August 2011 to increase their publisher reach. After all, much of the competition was now in that space and consumers were asking for Paul’s TV to have a presence there as well.

Since those start dates for the affiliate programs in both ShareASale and Commission Junction, we have been able to build up quite the successful affiliate program platform that is a win-win-win situation for Paul’s TV itself, their publishers and most importantly their consumers. The overall keys to success for the affiliate program have been to:

  • 1. Offer both publishers and consumers the most relevant manufacturer based deals in a timely manner
  • 2. Utilize incentives and contests to turn “inactive” or newly joined affiliates to start promoting Paul’s TV immediately, to retain current sales generating publishers and keep them interested
  • 3. Deliver aggressive deals to publishers in a very time sensitive matter
    Build out an Affiliate Information Center where the publishers or prospective publishers can stay updated on the latest deals, content, new arrivals, top sellers and more
  • 4. Build theme related banners and email creative to capture the seasonality that comes with major league sports seasons, amateur sporting events, Father’s Day and of course Christmas.

If you are a publisher or merchant and were able to follow the Paul’s TV affiliate program either in ShareASale or Commission Junction, to say you would be pleased or astonished at the level of success would be an understatement. In the months and years to come, we will continue to do our best to stay ahead of the curve, so the overall success continues to be a strong win-win-win for everyone involved.

Case Study


Our longest tenured client is located in Goleta, California. has been using the Snow Consulting services for over 7 years. They launched with us in February 2005. Their Commission Junction affiliate program was virtually non-existent at that point. As soon as we took over the day to day management, we worked on several key components to gain immediate results.

  • designed new general banners, as well as, seasonal banners
  • created several text links for top selling products, categories
  • upgraded the datafeed to include important information such as top sellers, skus, descriptions, keywords, new/old prices, images and more

Once we had the program to a point where we felt comfortable, we officially announced that we had taken over management of the affiliate program. We began follow ups, and a full fledge recruitment plan to expand on the overall activity of the program. Within weeks, we saw vast improvement with activity, sales and of course revenue.

The key to success through the affiliate channel has been to prepare well ahead of time and market each event, holiday or season accordingly. Whether it was all year round travel plans, back to school or the holiday shopping season, we had creative designed, landing pages created, special promotions and worked with affiliates to offer exclusive promotions.

Over a span of seven years, we have seen marketing methods come and go within the affiliate marketing industry. We’ve stayed ahead of the game to allow this affiliate program to grow at an average rate of 17%. We have yet to experience a year of decline while managing this affiliate program. New ventures such as social media plays a vital role in the networking of the program, as well as staying in consistent communication with affiliate partners. Building established affiliate relationships has and always will be the main goal for this affiliate program and any other program that Snow Consulting manages.

Both and Snow have been very pleased to remain business partners for the last 7+ years. In an industry where turnover happens often, this is something we take great pride in.