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The 4Checks.com affiliate program allows you to earn 25% commissions on over 600 items. Link your customers to hundreds of check designs. 4Checks.com has the largest selection of checks available for every niche imaginable. Check designs are available for specific careers, colleges, causes, animals and more! We have it all — from plain checks to hologram checks to your own photo on a check! Each check design has its own suite of matching products – including address labels, contact cards and checkbook covers – all of which add up to more commissions for you!



You are not allowed to bid on any trademark keywords such as, but not limited to, 4 checks, 4 checks.com, 4checks, 4checks.com, artistic checks, artistic checks.com, artisticchecks, artisticchecks.com, check gallery, check gallery.com, checkgallery, checkgallery.com, identity checks, identity checks.com, identitychecks, identitychecks.com, life checks, life checks.com, lifechecks, lifechecks.com, message products, message products.com, messageproducts, messageproducts.com, styles checks, styles checks.com, styleschecks, styleschecks.com. A complete list of prohibited & negative match required keywords can be downloaded here. Any variations or misspellings are also prohibited. You are not allowed to use TM + keywords such as “4checks + keyword”. You are not allowed to direct link. You are not allowed to use the 4Checks.com display URL. You are allowed to direct link on long tail keyword terms. You are allowed to use http://4checks.yoursite.com as your display URL.


  • If you have already joined the ShareASale network, simply log in and add 4Checks.com to your existing account.
  • If you are not in the ShareASale network, you can sign up through the 4Checks.com application.

Contact Affiliate Manager: Judi Moore

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