Hockey World Affiliate Program in AvantLink

Perani’s Hockey World (“The Toystore For The Hockey Player”) was formed in Flint back in 1976 by Bob Perani, a local Pro hockey player and fan favorite who played for a number of years as a goalie with the Flint Generals. Over the past 30 years the company has grown to include 22 retail stores in North America, and our web and catalog company has grown to one of the largest in the country. The Affiliate Program is professionally managed by Snow Consulting, we are here to help you build a strong business selling the leading Hockey Equipment & Jersey’s available online.

  • 5% commission rate
  • AOV 0f $130-$140
  • 45 Day Referral (Cookie) Period
  • Product Datafeed
  • Deals & Coupons
  • State of the Art tracking by AvantLink
  • Parasite Free
  • Killer PPC Keyword list available


We do NOT allow any bidding on trademarked or non-trade marked words that reflect the or Perani’s Hockey World Brand.  You may not include our brand name or variations of our brand name in display url’s, ad copy nor you may bid on “”, “Hockey World”, “Perani’s” or any other term that a user might mistaken for our brand.

You are allowed to bid on product categories, product names (that are not protected by their own brand policies), using long tail, niche or creative keywords.


If you are in the states of AR, CT, KS, ME, MN, NC, NY, PA, or RI you will need to connect with us directly at the email address below and we will provide more information regarding how we can best work with you.


  • If you have already joined the AvantLink, simply log in and add HockeyWorld to your existing account.
  • If you are not in the AvantLink Affiliate Network, you can sign up through

Contact Affiliate Manager: Randy Norton


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