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LessonPlanet is about saving educator’s time. They search the web to find top quality lesson plans, videos, presentations, activities, apps, and worksheets for teachers. Their credentialed staff of teachers rate and review every single resource according to LessonPlanet’s rigorous review process. They categorize every resource by grade, subject, Common Core or state standard, so educators can find exactly what they need. When a teacher wants to find compelling lessons and get some new ideas, they simply log in to LessonPlanet, search for exactly what they need, and find it in a snap.

Lesson Planet is the leading subscription search product for teachers looking for new educational curriculum. The award-winning search engine enables subscribers to find classroom resources, and save valuable time With subscription packages priced at $24, $36 and $60, there is something for every budget.


  • 20% commission
  • 45 Day Tracking Cookie
  • Parasite Free
  • Killer PPC keyword list available
  • Monthly newsletter – stay informed of all the latest promotions


You are not allowed to bid on any trademark such as LessonPlanet.com, www.LessonPlanet.com or variations of trademarks such as but not limited to: LessonPlanet.com, www.LessonPlanet.com, “LessonPlanet. You are not allowed to direct link. You are not allowed to use the LessonPlanet.com display url. You are allowed to use http://www.yoursite.com/LessonPlanet or http://LessonPlanet.yoursite.com as your display url.


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Contact Affiliate Manager: Tanya Smith


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