Ties and Scarves Affiliate Program In CJ Affiliate And eBay Enterprises

In our program we have 2 sites. These 2 programs together offer you a hundred or more ways to monetize site traffic: Novelty neckties come in seasonal, political, tropical and dozens of other ways to dress up your neck. You can offer every color of the rainbow in neckties, cummerbunds, pocket squares, etc. to the wedding shoppers, prom and other dressy occasion shoppers. Scarves.com can be found in mainstream fashion magazines and everywhere you look for the latest in style and accessories. You can promote by quality, price or style and come out on top every time. The minute you begin exploring these sites, you’ll think of a hundred and one ways to create content that matches your site traffic. Fashion and wedding sites are perfect. Anything seasonal can be matched with a tie (or twelve!). When shoppers are searching for specific colors to match a theme, your long-tail keywords bring them straight to you. Those are just a few of the reasons that joining Ties.com and getting 2 different sites to promote is an easy decision.

  • Commission: 12% commission
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days
  • PPC Bidding: Yes with restrictions
  • Datafeed: Yes


If you are in the states of AR, CT, KS, ME, MN, NC, NY, PA, or RI you will need to connect with us directly at the email address below and we will provide more information regarding how we can best work with you.



Prohibited: No trademark bidding allowed on the following terms: ties.com, wildties.com, scarves.com, neckties.com or any misspellings on these keywords. No direct linking and no use of the www.ties.com or www.scarves.com display url.



  • If you have already joined the CJ Affiliate network, simply log in and add Ties to your existing account.
  • If you are not in the CJ Affiliate network, you can sign up through the Ties application.


  • Join the Ties Affiliate Program at eBay Enterprise (formerly Pepperjam) now: Click here to sign up.
  • Join the Scarves Affiliate Program at eBay Enterprise (formerly Pepperjam) now: Click here to sign up.

Contact Affiliate Manager Randy Norton

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