Deep Linking At Pepperjam Network

Increase conversions with deep linking! Send your readers directly to the product page; don’t make them search!

It’s easy to create a custom link to any URL using the Code Options in your Pepperjam Affiliate dashboard. Here are the steps:

There are several ways to get to the “creatives” for your advertiser. The image above shows what it looks like when you choose “My Advertisers” and click through to get creatives that way.

You have the option of filtering a large number of choices down to what you’re interested in for your site:

You can filter by advertiser, creative type, even by deep linking capability, which is what we’re interested in today. Your account manager decides which links can be enabled for deep linking; you’ll see the check mark next to the words Deep Linking in the link description.

Browse the links, make your decision about text vs banner, filtered by your choices and then find the landing page you want to send your traffic to – you need to copy and paste the actual merchant site landing page URL into a field to make the link.

When you are looking at the list of links available for your advertiser, look at the upper left corner of the list for the words Code Options. Two things are underlined in the image above – the checkmark that tells you a link is enabled for Deep Linking and the Code Options you are looking for.

CLICK image to enlarge

This image is marked up in red to show you what goes in each field for “Code Options”. You will 1) select which of your websites the code is for. 2) Paste the URL of the landing page you want to deep link to 3) Make choices about additional tracking, encryption, and opening the link in a new window. 4) Apply these options to the links below.

Now when you “get code” for any link in the list that is deep link enabled, your options will be included. You can change them up for each link that you make or leave them the same while you make a dozen links.