Deep Linking with ShareASale's Custom Link

Increase conversions with deep linking! Send your readers directly to the product page; don’t make them search!

It’s easy to create a custom link to any URL at ShareASale!

Under the Links tab at ShareASale, one of the choices is Create a Custom Link:

Using the ShareASale custom link generator

1. Select your merchant from the dropdown menu
2. Add tracking info if you want – it’s optional
3. Paste the new URL in the destination URL box. Don’t double up on the http:// – delete the one that’s there before you paste.

That’s it! Once you hit the Create Custom link button, you have a link with your affiliate ID and it goes directly to the page you entered as the destination.

If you’re an advanced user, the info you get when you hover over the circle i near the words license plate link is very useful.