My First Affiliate Summit

My First Affiliate Summit!

I have been involved in Affiliate Marketing for two years. I started my journey in this interesting, fast pace industry with little to no knowledge and was a bit freaked out and a little afraid I would break the computer! That didn’t take long to diminish and thanks to my patient team, I am slowly learning what it takes to be successful in this fast changing industry!

With most of this business behind the screen, I was a little surprised at how much of a personal touch makes the difference. I do many of the behind the scenes jobs, such as contact new join affiliates, or help launch new clients. Connecting a face to a name brings a connection to who we work with and gives me more of an investment to what I am doing.

I had the pleasure of connecting to many of the names that cross my desk at the Affiliate Summit West a few weeks ago! This was a nervous but exciting trip for me, not knowing what to expect. But I was quickly relieved to see that this summit was a huge reunion of friends and co-workers!

As a relatively new member of the Snow Team and my first time going, my role at the Summit was to observe and take notes. That proved to be quite an interesting job with many informal meetings back to back. Thankfully the Snow team made every effort to help me fit in so I didn’t feel completely out of place. This was a super opportunity to make great friends/business connections that I definitely look forward to seeing at the next Affiliate Summit!

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Tanya Smith

I have over 18 years of retail experience. My role with Snow Consulting as Affiliate Manager has me working with affiliate partners on an individual basis. I coordinate recruitment efforts whether it is recruiting new affiliate web sites to our merchant programs or following up with those who recently joined. My main goal is to increase overall activity for each of our merchant programs.


  1. It was great to have you there Tanya. Some of us have been going to these too long and have forgotten what it was like at our first conference.

  2. Great to hear about your first time experience – we hope to see you at future Affiliate Summits.

  3. It was nice to meet you!


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