July 2013 Podcast

Back to SchoolThis month’s podcast is all about Back To School! We have fashion, backpacks, snacks, maps, language courses, homework help for parents, computer accessories, printer ink and Wine!
We squeezed all that and some brand new merchants into about 20 minutes. Here are just a few of the merchants we touched on:


AmazingSocks.com AmazingSocks: Kids need socks, but AmazingSocks also has so many other things, too!
aniika.com Aniika is where you’ll find breathtaking original designs in jewelry, home decor, children’s decor and personal accessories. You can join at Shareasale.
calmerparenting.com CalmerParenting: Dreading the homework routine? CalmerParenting has help for that and many more topics to help you have a calmer, easier, happier parenting style
charmjewel.com CharmJewel: A new merchant you’ll find at Shareasale. They’re an international merchant with trendy jewelry from all over the world including bracelets, rings, earrings and beautiful pearls.
feeluxury.com Feeluxury: This is a sister site to SheInside.com. Both sites have the trendiest fashions online, they ship globally and they have dozens of new arrivals daily!
newfrog.com NewFrog: Just in time for BTS – NewFrog has phone and computer accessories, gadgets, toys, games, electronics and the prices are unbelievably low!
snackwarehouse.com SnackWarehouse: Notable because of all the top brands they carry, but you’re really going to love the gluten-free, vegan, organic, and every other kind of healthy snack! School lunches will be a snap!
stylishplus.com StylishPlus: We talked about the shoe collections at StylishPlus, but there’s also up-to-the-minute fashion! But the shoes… oh, the shoes.
wineofthemonthclub.com WineoftheMonthClub: This new merchant is the original wine club! Even before online shopping, Paul Sr. and now Paul Jr. were sharing their passion for good wine with the world. Join them on Shareasale today.


May 2013 Podcast

What's New at Snow ConsultingWe covered the conspiracy theories surrounding the demise of GAN, which led to a lively round of what merchants should expect in the first few months of a new affiliate program launch or relaunch. Then we went over the programs that are in the works, newly launched or now available in a new network! There’s quite a list:


amazingsocks.com The AmazingSocks affiliate program is available at Shareasale. Joe Sousa is managing.
fitnesstoys.com FitnessToys.com is a new launch for an established merchant. You can join at Shareasale. Joe is managing the program.
medibrace.com You can join the Medibrace.com affiliate program at Shareasale. It’s a new program there for an established merchant; the program is managed by Trisha Fawver.
sheinside.com Trisha has been managing the SheInside affiliate program on CJ and LS. She is also managing the SAS program as of yesterday!
yovedic.com YoVedic.com is also an established site, with a new affiliate program, managed by Joe and available at Shareasale


There are four more programs in the works: CalmerParenting.com will be available on Commission Junction soon. GreenToe.com and SnackWarehouse.com will both be available at Shareasale soon. CarAndTruckRemotes.com is available on Shareasale now and we are ramping up our part of taking over the program management.


Late March 2013 Podcast


In today’s Snow Storm podcast we talked about the recently updated FTC guidelines for disclosures and then we spent some time going through some of the ShareASale interface changes.

We kept the conversation under 30 minutes because it was tip-off time for basketball! Hope you signed up in time to join us in our March Madness fun and prizes!

(image credit: FTC.gov)

Disclaimer: No actual affiliates were harmed in the making of this podcast. Three new merchants were endorsed during the broadcast, but all were clearly identified as clients!




March 2013 Podcast


It’s Spring! We have new merchants, seasonal merchants, and merchants with promotions.

Topics we touch on: Golf swings, lost golf balls, sports pools, shirts for Little League, and tennis! And before we were done, Joe explained March Madness and how to win by picking the teams for your bracket a certain way.



New: DoitTennis.com
New: YogaDirect.co.uk
New: UsedGolfBallDeals.com


In our segment on Special Promotions, we talked about 4HFL and their Blood Sugar Optimizer campaign with the $5 bonus. The links to every Merchant’s Information Center are listed in the right sidebar of this page and on our Client Page.

February 2013 Podcast


Love and romance: Jewelry, flowers, chocolate – what’s your gift of choice? We think it’s perfume, watches and Yoga Kits!
Joe reveals his most romantic gift ever right after he shares his thoughts on yoga for Valentine’s Day. We have a list of new merchants and some how-to advice for creating great content. It’s all on this edition of the Snow Storm podcast. Merchants mentioned are linked to their Information Center below.

Valentine’s Day Merchants


ThePerfumeSpot Information Center
DiscountWatchStore Information Center
YogaDirect Information Center


New Merchants


New: DoitTennis.com
New: YogaDirect.co.uk
New: UsedGolfBallDeals.com
New: SharpShades.com.
New: AdvancedAthletics.com


In our segment on creating great content we mentioned CesarsWay, YogaDirect, EverythingYoga, YogaAccessories, LunaBazaar, Hyperwear, ProHealth, 4HFL, CompAndSave and TheHairStyler. The links to every Information Center is listed on our Client Page.

January 2013 Podcast

See you at ASW13!

We have some outstanding tips for surviving ASW13 in today’s podcast. There are health and fitness offers from merchants perfect for this time of year, AND we tell you how to get your printer ink for as low as 99 cents with CRAZY twitter deals. We also tell you about 3 new Merchants to add – all on this edition of the Snow Storm podcast. Merchants mentioned are linked to their Information Center below.

Meet up with us at Summit: Here are the links for our schedules:

Joe’s Meet Me

Trisha’s Meet Me

Randy’s Meet Me

HyperWear Information Center
YogaAccessories.com Coupons
Join the ProHealth affiliate program
YogaDirect Coupons
EverythingYoga Offers
SupplementsToGo.com 16% Commission List
See WorldClassNutrition.com 16% commission list
4HFL: Join and promote CHEATmeals and Lean Optimizer
Follow the affiliate Twitter for CompAndSave to get the CRAZY deals!
New client AdvancedAthletics.com
Join the new program: UsedGolfBallDeals.com
Newest client: SharpShades.com. Join today!


November 2012 Podcast

This edition of the Snow Storm podcast brings you hints of Black Friday | Cyber Monday deals to come, tips for affiliates about surviving 4th Quarter and mostly just a rollicking good time as we talk about Randy meeting Cesar Millan last night, what we all want for Christmas and as they say in advertising, so much more!




October 2012 Podcast

This edition of the Snow Storm podcast is all about exploding your sales in 4th Quarter!

This special 4th Quarter Merchants page is what we talked about today, brainstorming ideas and reminding you of things that sell well in the 4th Quarter. Many that we mentioned aren’t even gifts (unless you celebrate unique holidays)!

Things to think about as you listen:

  1. Which merchant is hugely expanding their inventory in the coming weeks?
  2. Would a “Cuddle You” be a good investment or not?
  3. What merchant has the fake severed limbs you want to scatter around your porch for Halloween?
  4. How can you increase your chances of someone punching you at work?
  5. Do you entertain “pod people” during the holidays?

and last but certainly not least:

Did I really just hear that? Was that something Joe was supposed to edit out?

We hope you enjoy this edition of the Snow Storm podcast AND have a strong 4th Quarter!


September 2012 Podcast

This edition of the Snow Storm podcast is almost entirely about bonus cash and prizes. Roger joins Joe, Randy, Trisha and Judi to go over merchants with affiliate bonuses for Sept. We found time to talk hockey and football – surprise!
In between merchants with bonus campaigns, we talked about products and categories that are hot right now or will be soon.


CompAndSave.com Bonus Campaign

Ties.com Bonus Campaign (includes all 4 merchant sites)

Lightake.com Bonus (SAS) Lightake.com Bonus (CJ)

GemsAround.com Bonus Campaign – NEW program!

DiscountWatchStore.com Bonus for CJ and SAS

BestInsoles.com Bonus

CW-USA.com Bonus

YogaAccessories.com Bonus

ProHealth.com Bonus

HFLSolutions.com Bonus in CJ and SAS

HyperWear.com Bonus

Maps.com Bonus

OnlineSports.com Bonus in CJ and SAS

SupplementsToGo.com Bonus

WorldClassNutrition.com bonus

YogaDirect.com Bonus

EverythingYoga.com Bonus

HockeyStickOutlet.com has every kind of hockey stick, Loyalty shopper points and…Roger broke his stick already and the season just started.

We also talked about our Football Pick’em Pool which is just starting the 2nd week. If you get in now you’ll be eligible for the remaining weekly prizes and possibly catch up to win the Grand Prize. Still not you, though Randy – we’ll have to come up with a reason for you to keep picking better than anyone.


August 2012 Podcast

We  take you through Back To School and ASE12 in the August edition of Snow StormRandy, Trisha, and Judi talk with Joe about ASE12 and Back-To-School, but interrupt themselves to invent at least one new niche, possibly two, AND to announce a brand new niche merchant!

Join us and listen for a couple key moments: frat house, grubby little hands and headboards. We did go back and make sure they’re not all in the same part of the conversation!


ASE12: Affiliate Improv! Panel is Monday at 3:30p in the Murray Hill Suite with our own Trisha Fawver, Daniel M. Clark of QAQN, Jen Goode of J. Goode Designs, and Todd Farmer of PerformStreet Media. Trisha will have some yoga straps and ground coffee for bloggers to review. Find her and talk about your areas of interest, too.

HyperWear.com is featured in this month’s Prevention Magazine! Take advantage of that national press and get a first sale bonus during August.

Randy has found some must-have dorm room decor at HomeClick.com and we come up with what we think is a whole new niche!

CompAndSave.com has tiered bonus incentives for affiliates taking advantage of Back-to-school ink and paper sales.

Transparent Language offers Online classrooms perfect for learning a new language from scratch or brushing up as a study aid for class.

Trisha loves to think outside the box, even for Back-to-School. Her ideas during this segment are something no Mom should miss!

Joe started to talk about the thousands of College Sports themed products at OnlineSports.com, but it was college football talk and we digressed.

Stock up on kids racquets or apparel at Tennis Boom.com.

Athletics are a hot topic, with the Olympics and also local school sports revving up; boost your atheletes performance with sports insoles from Best Insoles!

Moms welcome back-to-school! Now they can step up their yoga routines with new accessories from YogaAccessories.com.

New Merchant! Great niche! HockeyStickOutlet.com is at ShareASale, and the timing is perfect! Hockey camps are starting up in just days and the season gets underway very soon. Join today and start building your promotions so you can reap the rewards of a high ticket item in demand and a 1 stop shop that carries only hockey sticks and accessories!


July 2012 Podcast

Snow Storm Podcast July 2012This summertime episode of Snow Storm has topics that range from classic cars to dog food that appears automatically at your doorstep!

Randy Norton, Judi Moore and Trisha Fawver join Joe Sousa to talk about two new merchants, a couple of high-performing merchants and creative ways to leverage Pinterest for business.

Listen and find out about some new widgets, a rare fitness promo and what Macy’s Christmas Windows have to do with your social media!

Take advantage of the large order size at PureSofa.com and the 13% commission on customized furniture pieces for beautiful living spaces.

TennisBoom.com is a program exclusive to ShareASale. Trisha just added new banners and a new widget of bestselling items like rackets, shoes and other apparel.

Randy talks about the advantages of a broad selection of products at PetBest.com and how having dog food appear on your doorstep can be a nice advantage while you save on the price!

There are still some opportunities available for trying the newest offering from Transparent Language: Transparent Online. Let us know if you would like a review copy to try. This is a great way to create quality content for your own site while providing a review for Transparent.com

Joe talks about HyperWear.com, their weighted work-out vest and a great promo that’s available for only a limited time.

There have been some commission changes in the ShareASale program, increasing from 25% to 35% for non-coupon affiliates. This replaces the previous tiered commission in that network.

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Follow Snow Consulting on Pinterest!


June 2012 Podcast

This week’s Snow Storm introduces 6 new merchants to our portfolio! Joe Sousa leads the discussion with Randy Norton, Trisha Lyn Fawver and Judi Moore while they cover a few merchants that will be very important during the Summer months, plus the 6 new merchants and their program details.

Listen and find out what map could be the most popular next month, what ShareASale Power Rank 100 merchant is just heading into their busiest season and why at least 4 team members are learning the difference between yogi, yoga and yoda!