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A FREE complete phone consultation will help us determine what kind of service package your company needs in order for your affiliate program and ecommerce website to SUCCEED. Our 15 years in the industry gives us the edge versus our competitors. The proof will be displayed in the results! It will be the much added boost you were looking for when searching for an outsourced affiliate program management agency. We have launched numerous programs on the major networks and witnessed impressive results within months. Furthermore, we have taken over stale programs and turned them into SERIOUS revenue generators.

We fully manage the day-to-day operations of your affiliate program. This is a hands-free approach for your company. Think of Snow Consulting as an extension of your internal Marketing department. Our managers will:

  • reply to affiliate emails, recruit new publishers, and communicate with existing affiliate partners.
  • will create and send newsletters, plan & implement ongoing promotions/contests
  • assist you with creating offers that will gain traction and increase new customers
  • write affiliate-focused articles and manage blogs
  • communicate with publishing partners via our dedicated forums and social media
  • send you detailed performance reporting,
  • as well as, many other important tasks to grow your affiliate program revenue to ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS.


Banner Design

At the beginning of our partnership, we will either create new banners (new program) or refresh current advertisments. We will consistently update the links and banners to ensure they remain fresh on affiliate partner sites. In addition, we will design and create seasonal banners for all important holidays, events and promotions.


We will take your product file and transform it into a full fledged datafeed or product catalog. Each affiliate network has its own specifications of what the file should look like. Do not worry, we have you covered. We have the capabilities to convert your product file to the specifications for each network. To take it a step further, we can automate the process by sending the file via FTP to the back end of the network. A seamless process that we take care of for you. We will also ensure that your datafeed is available for affiliates utilizing trusted third-party datafeed services – at no cost to you!


Mobile Optimization

Have you gone mobile yet? If not, you’re missing out. Did you know that Black Friday sales this past November were up 21% from the previous year due to mobile shopping. Let us help you go mobile by creating a website that caters to those who can and will shop via smartphone, tablet, iPad and other mobile devices. We will help you create the perfect mobile website to make it as easy as possible for visitors to turn into customers. Whether your product caters to men or women, we know what you need, we know what your customers are looking for, and we will help you generate the revenue you desire. Mobile is the future.

Cart Abandonment - Increase Conversion

66% is the average online cart abandonment rate. Does that number look familiar when you’re analyzing your traffic? Are you tired of seeing visitors leave your shopping cart just as they are about to finalize their order? Do you have a high percentage of potential customers leaving at some point during the checkout process? Do you want to see more of them stay and complete the order process? That’s what we thought. Our team will help you optimize your checkout process to lower the percentage of customers that leave and increase the percentage of customers that complete orders. You will be amazed at the difference and the growth in sales and revenue.

Landing Page Optimization

Our team has years of experience assisting companies to achieve the most important aspect of any web site, converting “visitors” into “customers”. Our team will help your company effectively revise all landing pages to make them more appealing to customers upon arrival, get customers from landing pages to adding products to your shopping cart, and reduce visitor drop offs. We will help you simplify the user experience and make it so easy that customers have no choice but to purchase!

Search Engine Optimization

Has it been a challenging task to get your site recognized by major search engines? You’re not alone. Our goal is to help your web site be recognized by the major search engines, so they see everything from your homepage, category pages, product pages, landing pages, promotional pages and more. Don’t let this be any more frustrating than it already is. Let our team assist you.

Social Media Marketing

Our team will create, launch and manage the day-to-day operations of all your social media outlets. This goes above and beyond just Facebook and Twitter. This is a great way to interact with Internet marketers, affiliate marketers and your customers. Social media is no longer just a trend, it’s a must for gaining additional online presence for your web site and affiliate program. We will work with your marketing team to design content, bonus campaigns, contests and anything else we feel is important to the success of your social media and overall marketing needs. We want to connect you to the World!

Graphic Design

Graphic design is already included when you utilize our complete day-to-day affiliate management services, but if you need a designer to specifically create banner ads for any other marketing purpose, please feel free to contact us for a quote.

Google Analytics – Data Analysis Help

There is a wealth of information contained in your Google Analytics, but knowing how to properly configure GA to show you the right data: metrics that are relevant  to your website or ecommerce business can be frustrating. We can properly configure your Google Analytics so you can:

  • Discover Actionable insights
  • Install Custom Dashboards to help you make data driven decisions
  • Find out which pages are the most successful, least successful
  • Improve your ROI

We can do a deep dive into your Analytics to find problems and suggest fixes that will improve the performance of your website or ecommerce business.

  • Pages that are underperforming
  • Determine which marketing campaigns are working well and which ones need help
  • Identify AdWords Campaigns that are eating up your budget with no returns
  • Keywords that are driving your traffic
  • Filter out junk referral traffic, so you can see the real numbers.

Retargeting – Capture, Convert

More often than not your website visitors are leaving without converting or connecting with your company. Our team leverages a network of ad platforms, services and years of experience to bring them back to close the sale. We build out retargeting campaigns that respectfully and effectively keeps your brand and products in front of your non-converters. In-depth analysis of your website analytics allows us to carefully plan & segment based on real customer interactions. Our Retargeting services are to build brand strength, shorten your sales cycle and increase overall conversions.

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Affiliate Nexus Tax Information

Here's a link directly to the most recent PMA information about the State Legislation activity and Federal Sale Tax Legislation: Supports Federal Sales Tax Reform Here's our information post for California Affiliates: CA Affiliates: Affidavits & Instructions

FTC .com Disclosure Guidelines

The .com Disclosure document was updated March 2013. Here are the guidelines in PDF format: FTC .com Disclosures